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Baby's First Love Letter

Dear Little Boy,  I love the way you smile as you're falling asleep, especially if someone is rubbing your head.  I love how you sit in your little man chair and string sounds together into conversation, complete with inflection and facial expression.  I love the way your eyes brighten as you wake to find me close to your face, ready to kiss your nose.  I love how you intently study any new object until you give yourself hiccups. I love the way you considerately give two punctuated cries of discontent when you are wet or otherwise unhappy, prior to breaking into an all-out wail.  I love how you throw a fist pump in the air when you're done eating, how your arms and legs move in all directions like a caffeinated techno dancer when you're excited, and how you stick out your tongue when you're most happy.  I love pretty much everything about you, in all the moments God has given us together these past two months.   I don't want to miss any of your moments.  I know you