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Why I'm Not Looking for a Tribe, and Hope My Children Won't Either

A lot changed in America during the two years we were in Africa. Froyo and cable TV pretty much died.  Facebook is aging, and Snapchat has reduced communication to pictures of people pretending to be puppies. Food trucks have finally received the credit they deserve. Flossing is no longer merely a means of combating plaque, but also a dance move. Minority treatment and immigration reform are receiving much-needed press. We have a president who used to be a reality TV star. Did I miss anything? Like all things, language changes over time. Each generation champions certain terms that embody their values. Milennials who are geographically displaced and virtually detached have recently adopted the term "tribe" to describe "their people". For so many reasons, this term is troubling. Throughout history and in much of the world today, conflict between tribes has resulted in devastating loss of life and opportunity. In low and middle income countries ( LIC, MIC ), tribali