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A Pushy and Loud Spirit

Ethan recently challenged me about the motivation behind wearing makeup, as a woman and as a Christian.  Honestly, I can't find a Biblical argument in support of it. This certainly doesn't make the practice wrong, but it very likely means it is not best. Interestingly, my makeup bag is in my car, which has been in the shop all week; the entire situation is very timely.  I find myself asking these questions in the time I previously would have been applying makeup: Why do I think makeup makes me more attractive?  More importantly,  why do I want to be more attractive?  This has little to do with the gentle and quiet spirit Peter exhorts women to possess, and much more to do with the adornments he warns against.  Adornments are most certainly a heart issue.  I guess my question is: what isn't a heart issue?   There isn't anything inherently wrong with looking nice, but seeking approval from others with our looks ("selfies", borderline risque clothing, etc) smacks

Daily Turnover

"To the spiritual man, all things are spiritual." I am starting to realize that there is no issue too small to pray through, because there is no issue too small to distract and derail us spiritually. This Christian life is a continual determination to bring our eyes off of our circumstances (new motherhood,  employment,  pleasure) and towards the cross. If we do not,  we will forever be slaves to minutia.