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Happy Holiday!

Holiday Inn on a snowy morning.  Let the Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby education commence early.

Cute Confusion

Confused little bear cub -- crabs aren't for petting! :)

Faces on the Road

I pretty much make all these faces in traffic, too. #mamasbaby #makingfriendsin traffic

Make It Easy On Yourself

Even while he was sick, Papa regularly went to the grocery store to buy me non-perishable food items.  He especially liked to buy things that were quick and easy for me to cook. "Make it easy on yourself, Liz," he would say.  He meant, "don't get so wrapped up in complex, gourmet living that you forget the simple pleasures of the good life God has given you."  Papa always got his point across in fewer words.   Tonight, we are eating the last of the pasta he purchased before he died.  He would have loved to meet his great grandson, who is currently eyeing up the bubbling pasta pot.   Soon enough, little one.  I will buy and cook you pasta in memory of your great-papa.  You will find that pasta is one of the quickest, cheapest pleasures in life.  And some night, if you are ever standing in front of your pantry wondering what to cook for dinner, you may remember the sage advice of a man I wish you would have known.  In regards to daily life, don't get too fancy

In a land of lesser gods

How badly do we want God compared to all the other things we crave? This the difference between living a mediocre, anemic Christian life and one that is powerful for the Kingdom.  Taking a step away from Facebook for the past few days, I see how my judgment has become influenced by this world.  Am I aiming to live a life about which God says,  “Well done, good and faithful servant”?  Or one that chases the wind of my own goals, timelines, and image?  Am I willing to step away from things that eat into my time with Him... even good things like being an excellent wife/mother/friend/employee?  Or have I not allowed any time in my schedule for God to take me in directions other than the ones I have planned? In a generation and culture of weak Christianity, I find myself wondering what sort of faith drove the apostles to their deaths singing.  It must be the same faith our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church live out, every day, around the world.  A faith that is scarily absent in