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Within the Sound of Church Bells

This video is from one of the hospitals where Samaritan's Purse sends post-residency candidates. And as I watch the heart-wrenching scenes, I can't help but think about the ridiculous ways we spend our time, money and affections in America. $100 on a pair of pants. Dessert every day. Hours on our appearance, on our entertainment, on our self gratification. No matter how we slice it, these do not seem to be the life choices that honor the God who gave Himself for us. But this guy... this thoracic surgeon who chose to live in poverty... he gets it. And I hope someday I do too.

PAY IT FORWARD (a happily ever after story).

Today I left work early to stop by the DMV, which apparently closes at 4:30 (why??). After a delay at the post office, I arrived at 4:20 and was told I would need $1 cash to turn in our two plates (they would take the plate our hit and run friend left in our trunk free of charge). CASH (why??)? I went though my wallet and entire car and found $0.68. 4:25. I ran to Family Dollar to try the ATM, only to find out my PIN STILL doesn't work (Ethan loves our credit union, but at this point I really miss my efficient relationship with big, corporate, banking America).  4:28.  I spotted a grandmother playing with two kids in a waiting car. I realized my pride was not worth the frustration of having to rearrange my schedule tomorrow and come back to this place of perpetual frowns (is anyone who works at the DMV ever happy?), so I went up to the family and asked for $0.50.  The grandmother laughed and happily fished it out for me.  I told her she was my hero, and asked God to bless her. 4:29