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Post-Post-Modernism: A Place With No Earthly Bests

Americans love superlatives. Consider our affinity for the word "best". On any given holiday, social media is flooded with posts about the world's best mom, dad, sibling, spouse, child(ren), and friend(s). All one billion of them (Google just told me one billion people have active Facebook accounts, which I both believe and find mind boggling). Which leaves us wondering: if everyone is the best, is anyone really the best? When I lived in Western New York, I could easily have named the best free place(s) to take children in the winter, the best Indian buffet, the best store to buy items 90% off, the best local coffee shop, the best playgrounds, the best school, the best place of worship, the best hospital. I probably could have named at least three or four women I considered my best friends, who knew almost everything going on in my life. Now, I live in a town without public libraries, restaurants, discount stores, coffee shops, playgrounds and functioning schools (the