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Morbidity and Mortality

This is my fourth attempt to write this blog.  My previous attempts have been abandoned out of emotional exhaustion.  I have always been a crier.  I almost cried watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua (I was with twin 8-year old boys and had to pinch myself to prevent myself from tearing up.)  I am not ashamed.  Jesus wept (although probably not at Beverly Hills Chihuahua).   My first week here was particularly challenging:  six children died.   Towards the end of the week, I thought to myself, “Ethan, you have the worst job in the world. Your job is to bury children.”  Then the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the reality that I do not worship a God who does not understand suffering, but instead, a God who chose to suffer on the cross for me.  He was perfect, innocent, and lovely, and he was tortured so I could be reconciled to God.   He has invited me to take part in His mission on Earth:  to help his beloved creation be restored to Him by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. He i