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Loose my hands, Loose my eyes

Jackie (a friend and nurse) called me, “There is a kid here in the ICU with bad burns.  He needs your help.” I was heading that way anyway. “I’ll be there soon.”  On arriving, I saw a child crying in agony, afraid, who had been badly burnt in a fire.  His face was too swollen to open his eyes. “Give me something to drink,” he moaned. “I’m thirsty.” I sat down next to him and said, “We are trying to help you. You have been in a fire. We have to take you to the theater (operating room) to help you, and if you drink water now it could hurt you. We are giving you something to drink through your arm.” He wasn’t having it. “Can I pray with you? He calmed down a bit as we prayed. But he was still in pain, and he was still terrified.  The fire came in the night. It took the life of his little brother. His parents were at the funeral. His Uncle, whom he loved dearly, was in much worse shape than he was. A younger uncle escaped unscathed physically, but appeared emotionally devastated.