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Sometimes Things Will Be Bad

In the daily grind of wiping bottoms and enforcing time outs, the big picture can get a little fuzzy. But every so often, I catch a glimpse of the goal in Christian parenting: raising people who love God and bless others. We were somewhere between time out five and six of maybe ten today when a neighbor boy stopped over to escape the rain. After devouring a peanut butter sandwich, he approached our tiny wooden train set with a huge grin on his face. As he played, I asked if he owned any books. No. I looked at our shelf, which looked quite bare by Western standards but still held more than 30 children's books. I asked him if he wanted a book. Yes. Did he want one for his brother? Yes. I picked out two paperbacks from the shelf. As I wrapped the books in a prized Ziplock bag, Josiah looked at me with his eyes wide. "I want to keep them," he said softly. "We've got so many books, buddy. He doesn't have any. It would be so nice if we shared with him. Can

Living and Dying at Birth

This article  hits so much closer to home now than when I first read it a year ago.  As I scroll through my  Facebook newsfeed and celebrate all the beautiful baby bumps and newborn photos, I'm acutely aware of the millions for whom pregnancy and childbirth are nothing of gender reveal parties or newborn magazine shoots. Birth, in much of the world, is a matter of life and death. "The suddenness of this little girl’s death, so soon after her welcome to the world, made it seem particularly cruel. To the nurses, however, it was hardly unusual. Later I was told that Tanzanian mothers often do not name their babies until long after birth, trying to avoid emotional attachment in a place where neonatal, infant and child mortality rates are so high. I still don’t know what to make of the experience, except to pray for a woman and an innocent little soul and to realize that “neonatal mortality” is not something abstract. It happens in some room, on a table, under a heat lamp, wher

Let Them Ever Sing For Joy

"But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you." Psalm 5:11 The picture painted in scripture is that followers of Christ are refugees who belong to a glorious kingdom with a perfect King. Yet, we live in a world full of wrongdoing, suffering, and heartache. Our hope gives us reason for joy, for the One who is in us is lovely and kind. The place He has prepared for us has many glorious rooms. With this hope in view, followers of Christ have hope. As we chose to reside in His love and His unshakable Kingdom and His promise that "we have overcome" (1 John 5:4) we find the secret of being content (even joyous!) in every situation.