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When Friendship Becomes Voyeurism: How Social Media Can Wreck Us

Going through old pictures often makes me sad. Routinely, I look at faces that once knew my deepest secrets, and now seem like distant acquaintances. Of those I previously considered my closest friends, I interact regularly with only two or three. Occasionally, I've experimented with the "unfollow" button on Facebook to determine how well I am actually connecting with those I claim to love. During these times, I was more likely to initiate contact but still struggled to maintain connection. The major developments I missed in the process suggest my overall ability to maintain friendship is poor. Moving to another continent (with spotty internet) probably didn't help, but the distance was there long before we left Western New York. As suggested by my "unfollow" experiment, much of the problem stems from social media, which allows us to know what's going on in others' lives without doing any of the work of real relationship. It's like receiving al