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#teamhelm on Mission

If you follow us on Facebook, it might seem we have been part of an episode of The Amazing Race (or perhaps a spin-off  of Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego).  We returned to the United States from Cameroon in December, spent a few weeks in Buffalo for Christmas, and moved to Arkansas where Isaiah was born January 24th. We traveled to Pennsylvania, making stops in Louisville, Baltimore, Reading, Boone, and Nashville, before returning to Little Rock. At the end of April, we moved to Rochester and then immediately visited Boston. In the past few months, we've been extremely blessed to stay in two beautiful mission houses (thanks to Immanuel Baptist and Pearce Memorial!), as well as the welcoming homes of many family members and friends along the way.  The kids were so excited we fit everything in their car for the move from Little Rock to Rochester that they volunteered to ride in the back, Cameroon style. Poppa Tim supervised. Bottom line: we've put a ton of miles on