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Celebrating the best gift ever

Hallelujah, Merry Christmas!

Hallelujah literally means, "Praise the Lord".  Interestingly... that's what Christmas truly means, as well. "That rugged cross was my cross, too // and every breath You drew was hallelujah."

Lesson from a Preacher's Daughter

She grew up in a beautiful home, she said.  To illustrate, she told this story: Once, I went over to my Auntie's house. She and my Uncle were arguing.  I was shocked. "Adults fight, too, Auntie?' I asked. "I thought fighting was only for kids ." You see, Dr. Elizabeth?  My parents gave us a beautiful childhood.  I was about nine years old when I learned that adults could [be selfish], too. As she told the story, I felt myself unable to breathe at the perfection of it all.  What kind of love and selflessness must have permeated that home? What a legacy.  Exactly the legacy that by God's grace I want to leave my children.