Men as Trees Walking and Rattling Bones

Last week's ultrasound of the baby's brain looked, to my overly Google-trained eye, significantly different than the previous five (abnormal) studies.  By our sixth ultrasound, we had seen four different specialists; each of whom with varying degrees of confidence told us that our baby is most likely missing part of his or her brain.  Until the last one.  She concluded that in some views, it seemed very likely the marker for the organ in question was actually present.  However, she also stated that the previous specialist (who had told us she was 95% sure this portion of the baby's brain was missing) had done studies that were "far more advanced" than those a typical perinatologist would do.  The final physician's official "read" on the ultrasound was that no new information could be ascertained, and direct imaging of the baby's brain would be necessary after birth.


The timing rules against coincidence.  Typically, the structure in question becomes more difficult to visualize in the final weeks of pregnancy; in fact, it is considered normal not to visualize it after 37 weeks gestation (our ultrasound was right on the cusp of this time).  But the last two specialists we saw were slightly more optimistic that it might actually be present.  This subtle change in report occurred several weeks after hundreds (likely even thousands) of people around the world began praying for healing.  These prayers also coincided with a dramatic increase in this child's movement and strength.

I don't know how God heals.  I know He is able.

When we told our pastor about last week's ultrasound, he reminded us of a passage we had recently studied in which Jesus healed a blind man -- first partially, then fully.  This is the only such two-step miracle recorded in the Gospels.  In some ways, this reminds me of the miracle God performed in Ezekiel 37.  God asked Ezekiel (whom I sadly view as an unfortunate prophet, based on the many object lessons he was forced to live out) to prophesy to a valley of dry bones.  First, Ezekiel instructed the bones to come together.  They did.  But there was no breath in them.  God's promise in the beginning of the chapter was for complete restoration of life, so He asked Ezekiel to prophesy again.  This time, he commanded breath to enter the bones... and they came to life as a vast army.

Why would God do such a miracle?  He explains in the above passage that bringing life to the hopeless was intended to preach. The message?  "Then you will know that I am the LORD."

No matter what comes, this experience has taught me that God is Lord.  When I think about the way He has changed my heart -- about pregnancy, about being a mother, about trusting His timing -- I know.  He is the Lord.  Is it a greater miracle for Him to heal my child's mind, or to heal mine?

He is able to do the miraculous.  In fact, He already has.


  1. I'm anxiously watching this spot for the announcement of Baby Helm's arrival. Can't wait to hear the latest news about God's miraculous work in the lives of all your family!
    On a side note: I keep thinking you need an "E" name... could it be Ezekiel? "God will Strengthen" :) Whatever name God gives you for your child, we know this... your precious child's name is carved in the palm of God's hand. Praying for all of you.

  2. Sweet Julie! Thank you so much for your kind comments, and more for your prayers. The name Ezekiel is wonderful (we could all have the same initials then!). Keep praying for miracles. God is able, and it is so wonderful to be part of His family.


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