Suffering Innocents Turn Many Hearts to Glory

When's the last time you prayed?  Like, really, really prayed?  Thanks to a brave little boy named Ben, a four-year-old with a newly diagnosed brain tumor, more than a few people could say: today.

Today, I learned it is possible to cry just thinking about a little boy you've never met, because he is dear to those who are dear to you.  I learned it is both possible and easy to fast while breastfeeding, when considering an overwhelming situation.  And I have learned that turning things over to God is never quite so hard, nor quite so necessary, as when innocents suffer.

So I find myself joining the throng of many, many believers asking God to guide the hands of surgeons who reach inside the brain He knit together nearly five years ago.  And I ask the same question that ran through my mind on repeat less than one year ago:  is it any more difficult for God to heal a brain, than it was for Him to create it in the first place?


Those are words we can trust, because they were given to us by One who sustains us in all times.  He is our peace.  And nothing is too difficult for Him.


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