Eyes on the Prize

We are Abraham and Sarah. In trying to bring about children of promise by our own means, we create millennia of conflict. We say we trust God's will, yet have very strong ideas about what He should put into and take out of our lives. 

During worship service today, we sang songs about our powerful and wise God. But do we really believe this? And if we do, then why do we constantly try to advise Him?

A prophetic word was given,  emphasizing that God's will should be our guide. The speaker reminded us that we, as Christians, had turned our lives and wills over to the Lord. Which made me wonder: do we really believe this? Then why do we leverage our resources to change our circumstances, rather than allowing our circumstances to change our hearts?

The wise Pastor gave a message on the foolishness of our plans compared to the wisdom of God. He preached on not glorying (or wallowing) in our situations,  but rather in knowing God. There were fewer "Amens" than usual. Maybe we dont really believe God is as wise and powerful as we proclaim. Or maybe we don't believe our wills need to be entirely submitted to God. Or maybe, just maybe,  we haven't yet committed to truly knowing God. 

Yet our God is powerful and wise. His will is for our good and His glory. When we don't submit, we hurt ourselves. We might get what we thought we wanted, but those things will not satisfy. Knowing God is the antidote to pursuing our own paths of destruction.

God, take our eyes off our situations and proposed solutions. Fix our eyes and hearts on You.


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