"I asked the class, 'How many of you have been jailed for your faith?'  Nearly every hand in the room went straight up.  I spoke no Amharic at the time, so I thought they must have misunderstood my American English.  I tried it again from a different syntactical angle.  Same response.  One more time.  Same response.  Finally, an exasperated young man in the front row politely asked me, 'Brother Steve, are you asking how many of us spent time in prison because we are believers in Jesus?'  'Yes!  That's it, that's what I'm asking.' I joyfully retorted.  He turned and spoke in what sounded like tongues for a few moments ... a pause ... then nearly every hand in the room went into the air.  Be more."  Live Dead, Day 14, Steve Pennington, missionary to Ethiopia/Kenya


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