Dumber Phone, Smarter Living

Yesterday, I struggled to get my smartphone to charge for the last time (why is that the flip phones circa 1999 are still functioning perfectly, and the brilliant technology of today can't survive even two years?).

This weekend, I sent in my last Instagram photo and spent my last bath time scrolling through status updates.  I dragged out my old GPS, and started checking my email on my laptop.  Far fewer than 64 times per day. 

I also lost all my contacts in the transaction.  Which means the only people I will be texting in the future are the people who also text me -- which should reduce my list of contacts to about five family members and three friends. Importantly, our family phone bill is now only $25 per month, including taxes and fees. Which is more than $100 less than it was two months ago. 

I feel liberated.  This is the beginning of a new thing.  I will carry my Bible again, instead of reading it on YouVersion.  I will actually know where I am going, because I will have to look it up before I leave home rather than relying on Google Maps.  I will stop Googling useless questions throughout the day, and start allowing my thoughts and physical presence to coexist.  As Papa T pointed out, one of the main problems with my generation is that our bodies are never in the same place as our minds.

Which reminds me, there is a very quickly growing little boy who is working on the world's best tower in the other room.  And since I have today off (from work and my former electronic leash), I'd like to join him. 


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