World Medical Mission Update

1.)  We have been accepted by World Medical Mission (Samaritan's Purse) and offered spots in the Post-Residency Program.  Praise the Lord.  Doing full time international missions has been my goal for around a decade now, and it is beyond exciting to be close to fulfilling that dream.

2.)  Because World Medical Missions is awesome, we do not anticipate that we will need to raise any support.  It seems the salary will be sufficient to pay our loans.  This may also change how we schedule my time from graduation to completion of pediatric boards (Do I get an urgent care job?  Do I raise support for the hospital where we might be working? Still not decided on what to do).  Please pray.

3.)  In the coming weeks/months, we will be working on getting a email listserv with our prayer supporters.  We will utilize this to give updates on the work of God in whichever country we end up and to ask for prayer.  If you'd rather not receive that sort of information but want to stay in touch, we will be using a blog (likely this one) with more general information.

4.)  As of yet, we are not sure where we will end up.  We are praying that if God does not want us to go to Bangladesh that he closes the door on it.  We invite others to pray the same.  We feel it is likely we will end up in Bangladesh, but if that does not work out there will be other options.

5.)   We do not yet know the timeline.  I am guessing we will move abroad in November/December of next year, but we are not sure.  We will likely also move in with one or both sets of our parents after residency is finished to trim our expenses.

6.)  On the ride back, Liz and I got food poisoning.  She felt horrible.  I just felt mildly nauseous.  Please pray that she feels better.  I'm on nights the next two weeks, so the schedule is particularly hard on us. 


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