Sickeningly Sweet

The trust of a child is an astounding thing. Josiah does not do well with milk (i.e. he wakes up every hour if he consumes any dairy products the day before -- I know, I can't believe I am THAT mom with THAT kid either).  So tonight, when he ate a piece of the fudge (i.e. milk chocolate,  sweetened condensed milk, and butter) I left on the table for our guests, I leaped across the room and grabbed it out of his mouth with a quick blind sweep.

He looked confused, but nodded calmly when I told him it would make him sick. With the taste of fudge still in his mouth, he snuggled into my shoulder.

Seriously?  If someone took fudge out of my mouth,  I would be yelling or inflicting bodily harm.  Or both. 

Shouldn't I trust God this way when He takes something that seems good to me? With faith like a child, I should.  God help me.


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