Esther and Africa

"The Lord works in mysterious ways, and His hands are on even everything, including the naming of our new daughter. We did not know Esther was going to be a girl, and we had several girl names picked out. When she was born, we went back and forth, and we finally settled on Esther...sort of, and then our wonderful nurse told us of this song, a song about a missionary to Africa named Esther. And with that, we both felt peace. She proceeded to sing part of the song to us (and her voice was angelic). Moments of these reek of the sovereignty of God. I am blessed to have two miracle babies and a beautiful wife. This July will mark my fifteenth year of remission. God has blessed me time and time again. And like the Esther in this song, we will be moving to Africa, Lord willing, likely in early December. For various reasons, God directed us away from Bangladesh, and instead, we anticipate that we will be moving to Cameroon to serve at Mbingo hospital in December. After listening to this song, it seemed appropriate to share this story and use it to announce the location of our new home. Praise God for the work of His hands. His love endures forever." - Ethan Helm, 3/29/2015


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