A note from the year 2000

"Question: When will cancer kill me? The normal male teenager thinks about sex constantly, yet i think about something else far more. At times, such as this, it's all I can ever think about. When will it come back? When will it kill me? Will I have kids? Will I get married? Will I graduate from college? High school? Will I live another year?
I can't answer these questions, but I have to remember that I probably won't live to be an old man. I have to leave my impact on the world now, because I may not be alive to do it later. This is a reminder."
2015. I'm a high school, college, and medical school graduate. I'm married. I'm a dad. I'm alive. More than this, I am redeemed, and I realize that I have a more important task than "making an impact on the world." Instead, my purpose is to point toward the One who created the world, the One who loves and sustains me, the One who redeemed me. I do not know if I will live to be an old man (although, the children I see in clinic might think that I am already one!), but as long as I live, I live for the Lord.


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