Virtual Visit: Welcome!

Being invited into a home is an intimate and eye-opening privilege. Due to substantial distance and a large ocean, we cannot extend a dinner invitation to most of our loved ones. So, we wanted to invite you to virtually visit our home in the following pictures. You are welcome guests!
Here is the view from our front door. Across the dirt road (the "main street" of Mbingo) is a 4-unit building where some of the hospital residents and physicians live.

You will walk through the door into our living and dining room. Not pictured: a big window and another couch to the left.

Past the bookshelf on the right is our hallway. If you turn to the right, you will enter our "guest room". Esther is not a guest, but she sleeps here because when the kids sleep together... none of us sleeps. Hopefully we will get Esther into Josiah's room before Auntie Coco comes to visit in October (otherwise they will be roommates: second generation!).

Further down the hall, directly across from the living room, is our kitchen. Unfortunately, the kitchen is a completely separate room from the other parts of the house; not exactly conducive to entertaining small children while I cook. I send Josiah outside to "check on" the garden in front of the kitchen window and put Esther to work sorting our pans. Please note the new stove (no rats!) with blue plastic (Cameroonians love leaving plastic on things, so I was advised not to remove it) our tiny refrigerator (nowhere for moldy food to hide!), and our lack of appliances (since our freighted items still haven't left Texas) except a newly donated microwave behind our awesome water filter. The small stairs have been banished to the storage unit, since wherever we hid them Esther would find them and attempt acrobatic moves that did not end well.

Further down the hall to the right is our bedroom, complete with three small storage cabinets (right, not pictured), a bedside stand, several donated electronic apparati (including an SD card duplicator for the hospital media project), a dresser, and a table turned desk. We are very utilitarian here.

Exiting our room, the door out to the back will be on the right (see final picture). Further down the same hallway (perpendicular to the main hallway) on the right is our bathroom. Note the hot water heater (which nearly started an electrical fire and has since been repaired), our Big Lots shower curtain, potty purchased from the market for early training (watch out, Esther!), and tiny medicine cabinet (we plan to stay healthy).

At the end of the bathroom hallway is the room formerly known as the kids' room (now just Josiah's room). Not pictured: a floor mat puzzle with roads, inherited toy bins, and three storage cabinets.

Finally, the view out our back door. We are adjacent to a rather steep hill, but we are able to grow quite a bit of produce in the few feet in front of the slope. Pictured here: chalk artist Josiah at work.

Thanks for visiting!  We'd love to have you, if you'd ever like to visit in person. Of note: we offer plenty of good chop ("food" in Pidgin), enthusiastic company, a large amount of bugs, a larger amount of bug spray, and some spectacular views. We feel so blessed to be living in such a beautiful place, where it is very easy to remember that God has been better to us than we deserve.


  1. Abundant Blessings to you! Thank you for the have made Africa your home away from home. Praying for you all....share the Good News of love and hope! Psalm 46:10

    1. Appreciating your prayers and encouragement today! Thank you!


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