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#teamhelm on Mission

If you follow us on Facebook, it might seem we have been part of an episode of The Amazing Race (or perhaps a spin-off of Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego). We returned to the United States from Cameroon in December, spent a few weeks in Buffalo for Christmas, and moved to Arkansas where Isaiah was born January 24th. We traveled to Pennsylvania, making stops in Louisville, Baltimore, Reading, Boone, and Nashville, before returning to Little Rock. At the end of April, we moved to Rochester and then immediately visited Boston. In the past few months, we've been extremely blessed to stay in two beautiful mission houses (thanks to Immanuel Baptist and Pearce Memorial!), as well as the welcoming homes of many family members and friends along the way. 

The kids were so excited we fit everything in their car for the move from Little Rock to Rochester that they volunteered to ride in the back, Cameroon style. Poppa Tim supervised.
Bottom line: we've put a ton of miles on the vehicle we were so generously given, broke our three month old into a life of travel, are now officially World Team itinerant missionaries, and hope move to Cambodia this November. We have shared  at nearly 20 churches since we got back, and are currently building partnerships with individuals who will support us over the next few years.

Welcoming Isaiah to our world at Baptist Hospital, Little Rock with our Beckies!
If you would like to be a co-laborer in our ministry (really, His ministry), please contact us! We have three main needs at this point.


We need to compile a list of at least 50 people (preferably, 300) who will commit to praying regularly for us. If you'd like to be a part of core prayer group, please let us know.

Celebrating Resurrection Sunday with our church family at Epoch, in Little Rock.


Please visit the websites for Mercy Medical Center and World Team to familiarize yourself with the ministry and our sending agency. Additionally, we
 would love to share our journey with you in the newsletters we send every 2-3 months. Please let us know if you'd like to receive these emails.

Ran into our future Cambodia team in Columbus!


There are three ways financial partners can give to our World Team account. If you pay via credit card, the credit card company's charge (usually around 2%) is deducted from the donation. If you send by bank transfer or check, this fee is avoided.  We want you to give in the way you are most comfortable, and thought this should be disclosed so you are fully informed.

1. Credit Card
Go to
Click on Give
Under Worker Type "Ethan and Elizabeth Helm #014109"
Click on Give
Click on recurring (if you plan on doing monthly)
Fill in the information and click "process gift"

2. Personal or Bank Check
Make the check payable to “World Team”, write Helms #014109 in the memo, and mail it to:
World Team
1431 Stuckert Road
Warrington, PA  18976

3. Electronic Fund Transfer
Print and fill out this form, which can be mailed to the above address, faxed to 215-491-4910, or emailed to
We hope to write more in the near future. In the mean time, we are so thankful for the prayers, encouragement, and support provided us during our time in the States!

Celebrating with family that we survived Boston traffic (no small feat) to see Liz's youngest brother graduate with his master's degree. He has since moved to Texas to begin pilot training.

Sweet sorrow of "see you soons!" to our dear friends at World Medical Mission (Samaritan's Purse). 

Coco was a welcome visitor at the Yellow House in Little Rock, and the White House in Rochester!

Auntie Karyna and Auntie Sarah were always able to soothe our littlest man (baby whisperers!).

Nana and Papa made the trip to Little Rock to meet Isaiah before he grew out of all of his adorable little outfits (seriously, this little man is going to be a basketball player).

We enjoyed early birthday celebrations for the two bigger kids at our favorite pizza place in Little Rock (complete with #razorbackswag).

Enjoying Mother's Day at Uncle Joel's and Aunt Ashley's house!
Grateful for a wonderful Birthday celebration for Josiah at the home of our dear friend en route to Pennsylvania. God's people are truly wonderful. Thanks for being part of our team!!


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