Big Personality at Little Cost: Welcoming Baby Helm #2

The past few months, our financial goal has been to eliminate unnecessary expenses in order to continue paying down school loans on one income.  Prenatal photo shoots, obviously, are classified as an unnecessary expense.  Today, I put some pictures into a Shutterfly baby book that we will be able to print for next to nothing (thanks to a gift certificate for expecting parents).

Looking through some of the gems our families and friends captured the past few months, I am grateful that Baby Helm #2 will not enter the world entirely undocumented.  This little one is in for an adventure, with a Dad and big brother whose personalities are big enough to be captured by even the simplest of cameras.


  1. The photo of the 3(4) of you, looks professionally done. :-)
    and I can't believe how easily, and well, you carry an 8 lb. baby. :-)


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