Wearing Privilege On My Sleeve

My daily choices remind me of my privilege.  Which of my 30 shirts (or 15 pairs of shoes) should I wear?  Should I buy the beef, or the cheaper chicken (or the even cheaper beans)?  What music should I turn on? Which book should I open?  Should I have dessert?

Millions will never entertain these options, simply because they will never be afforded such luxuries.  For many people, the biggest question will be: how will I feed my family today?

We live in a strange, artificial world here in middle class America.  A place where parenting styles are given more thought than poverty.  Where more money is spent on diet products and fitness plans than on world hunger.  Where battles over education models obscure the reality that many people worldwide will never even learn to read.

What if paring down our options could improve life for others?  Why couldn't this be the case?  Most likely, because we don't want others' survival to hinge on our discomfort.  God, forgive us. Teach us to be content with less, so that others might have enough.


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