"Thank you for my playground"

Those huge brown eyes looked thoughtfully at me from the rear-view mirror as we pulled away from the playground.

"Thank you, Mama."

"Thank you for what, Josiah?"

"Thank you for my playground, Mama."

"You're so welcome, Josiah. I love you."

I hadn't given him a playground.  I had only taken him there for an hour.  But he was so grateful.  My heart overflowed with love as I smiled at him in the mirror.  At that moment, I wanted to take him to the playground every day.  Three times a day. 

It is so easy to give to someone who shows gratitude.  I wonder: is this how God feels when His children thank Him?  We all know people God seems to bless... and bless.. and bless.  Usually, these are people who trust Him explicitly, and thank Him profusely.  I want to be that kind of person, not so I can have more (I already have too much)... but so I can look up and see God's smile.  

Which reminds me of Josiah's first spontaneous prayer:
"Thank you, God.  So much."


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